Stunning Wedding Photography in Tauranga

I adore the outdoors, so my hometown Tauranga has always been a place of wonder. On a surface level it is simply gorgeous, but it’s all the hidden spots that really get me excited. I want to take you to some of my favourite places – to show you what makes Tauranga so unique.

Forget convenience – we’re going to go for a hike and really experience the beauty of our surroundings. This will give us two thing. One: a chance to properly hang out and two: it’s always a great way for you to loosen up and relax.

Let’s see New Zealand’s most beautiful sights

Everyone knows Mount Maunganui is one of the most iconic sights Tauranga has to offer, and you better believe we’ll be experiencing it. A small hike goes a long way in this case, and I will take you to places unseen by most.

Let’s make something special

Let’s create something amazing together. If you have any questions or would like to propose any ideas, let’s chat. Get in touch through my contact form, to check availability for your Wedding date.

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